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The history of shuffleboard

We can find news about this game back in 15th Century in England, where folks played a game of sliding a "groat" (a large British coin of the day worth about four pence) down a table. The game was called shove groat or slide groat. Later, a silver penny was used and the name of the game became shove-penny or shovel-penny. The game was played by the young and oldand was a favourite pastime in the great country houses. But Shuffleboard was mostly popular among the English soldiers that brought it to the New World.

The game made the headlines in 1848 when an avid gamer, John Bishop, was taken to court by the State of Pennsylvaniato determine, "If shuffle- board is a game of chance or a game of skill" The judge ruled: "Though the defendant kept a public gaming table, as charged, and though diverse persons played thereat and bet spirituous liquors on the game, the game was not a game of chance, but was altogether a game of skill."

By 1897, table shuffleboard rated as much space in the metropolitan newspapers in the New York City area as prize fighting and baseball.

So, we can call Shuffleboard a game of skill for young and old that has many common points to other sports of games such as Carling or "petanque", the popular game of the Mediterranean area.
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The history of shuffleboard
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