European regulation

Many customers ask information regarding the European regulation and CE mark on our tables so we believe it’s useful to clear up some details.Fist of all the CE mark doesn’t define the “Origin” of a products but it states that a products is in line with the safety regulation established by the European Community for some category of goods. There is a detailed list of products that must be conformed to the law and a list of products that are clearly excluded The European Regulation 88/378/CEE expressly excludes the CE mark for the football tables because they are not “Toys” but “Sports Equipment”.Any way our tables are strictly “Made in Italy” with certified prime goods; all our plywood are conformed to the European laws regarding the formaldeide –free certification while all plastic parts are phthalates free.Following the European Regulation the Pool tables are define as “furniture” and not subject to the CE mark.

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