Sardi Table produces football tables with and without token vending machine, since not only games halls, coffee bars and public houses in general ask for our products, but also private citizens.
Production and sale of:
  • Football tables for amateur use.
  • Professional football tables for international competitions.
Our pool tables are designed for public houses or private citizens and we products them with or without token vending machine. They are supplied with all standard accessories.
Sardi Table is one of the companies manufacturing pool tables, for professional and amateur use, best known in the world. Our products are entirely "Made in Italy".
Our catalog includes also shuffleboard tables, for business premises but is also highly recommended for private users as original pastimes.
Shuffleboard table size 9' with cabinet in plywood + HPL and playfield in hard beech wood sealed with a specially varnished finish.
Outdoor Table Tennis suitable for all weather conditions in strong metal frame of 45mm with special high durable paint. Our products are delivered completely assembled.
Our Ping Pong table complies with the European Standard Safety Requirements EN 14468-1 and EN 14468-2
Sardi G & D was founded by Giorgio Sardi in 1947 becoming the first manufacturer of Football Tables in Italy in 1950. Today we are producing, maybe, one of the best quality to price range of Pool & Football Tables in the games industry.
Today our company provide a complete range of after care services including a full range of spare parts, replacement cloths, as well as a cushion refurbishment or replacement service.


We sell our football tables to games halls, coffee bars and public houses in general, but also to private citizens, who can purchase them directly from the retailers representing our brand in a large diversity of countries.
On request, our company personalizes both pool and football tables, in order to advertise your company in a clear and simple way. We can print your logo and the colours of your company on both pool and football tables.
From our YOUTUBE channel, latest videos with Sardi pool and football tables.

New versions of the Phenix table.

We are happy to introduce 4 new versions of the Phenix table now available in new colours from Arpa Laminati. This table, manufactured with the innovative Fenix material, is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, acid-base solvents and household reagents.

We promote safe play

To fully enjoy the sunny season, we have in production two Outdoor Pool tables.

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